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Why Video Works

Get ready for an immersive experience that teleports your audience into an unparalleled universe. According to HubSpot, 53% of people want to see more video content from businesses and brands, and for good reason too. Video is visually appealing, a feat that other forms of content marketing aren’t able to achieve. By using video to your advantage, you can rest easy knowing it’s one of the best ways to increase your ROI. Video has the ability to retain several of your viewers to the last second so they absorb your information. Because of this, you’re able to convert people into customers, increasing the engagement with your brand. Need a video? There’s never been a better time than now.

85% website visitors are more likely to buy your product after watching a video.

Video communicates your brand values to your audience better than text.

Video marketing builds better connection with your visitors. It is a more effective to build trust between you and your potential customers because they see you.

We believe that people with passion can change the world for the better and that’s what we stand for.


About Sarah Lipi

Taayla Mark

Taayla Mark
Financial Counsellor, EnGrace Financial Solutions

I worked with Sarah Lipi on my first YouTube channel videos of ‘Street Smarts with Taayla’. She was so creative and professional in helping me developed the videos that when they were all done, I am blown away by the results. In our first effort together, we finished 11 videos and we did it all (all as in from an idea to video) in 2 months; it was a miracle!!! And we are slowly releasing them through YouTube in 2018.

Now we are working on our second season and I am so excited to continue working with Sarah and her team at DocMe. I lean heavily on her creative ideas and expertise and I am confident that our videos will change how financial planning is applied for individuals and families.

Angela Santoro & Protheroe
Co-Founders of Healthy Family Media Inc. and the Healthy Family Expo

For anyone looking to bring their business or brand to life on screen, Sarah Lipi is our team’s top pick. She has produced a number of high quality promotional videos for our annual tradeshow that have far exceeded our expectations, and she has the most down-to-earth, easy-going personality that puts everyone around her at ease. Sarah’s creativity and passion for each and every business she captures on film is rare these days, and we know that anyone who gets the chance to work with her is lucky indeed.

Ranbir Puar

Ranbir Puar
TED X Speaker, Founder of FreeWithin.Me

Working with Sarah is always a pleasure. I first met her when I recorded my promo videos for Leading Moms. I felt an instant connection to her vibrant energy and passion for her work. Since then I have hired her to record and produce one of my online courses. Sarah is professional and delivers on time and on budget. I know I can count on Sarah to help capture the key messages and teachings of my work. I trust her and I highly recommend her.

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