Team Kerr Commercial l Sarah's role: briefing, producer, director and editor
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Team Kerr Commercial

Team Kerr approached me to create a commercial for their website to make them look approachable to their audience. Matt Kerr, the founder of Team Kerr, is a friendly guy so I thought that a comedy video would be a perfect match to show their audience how fun they are to work with. I wrote the briefing and sent all the benefits Team Kerr provides to their clients to Daniel Chai, my comedy writer who put all my ideas together in an amusing script.

I produced, directed and edited the commercial but I had a great team supporting me in this project. You can find the casting and crew credits on IMDB.

It was shot with a Red camera and am happy to share with you the behind the scenes video below.

Team Kerr was so much fun to work with! They are very knowledgeable in Real Estate, and I would hire them to buy my house shortly.